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About me:

Hameedah Salauden is a young Muslim lady in her early twenties. A graduate of English Language from the Lagos State University and a part time reporter. As a free thinker who constantly finds love in art and photography, I take my time out to create, write and share things that make me happy and in turn make others smile. I am all about the good stuff.

About Meedah’s soul food:

Meedah’s Soul Food is a space I created to  share snippets from my heart ranging from faith, fashion, lifestyle, photography, travel and fascinating interviews.

A very integral part of the human life is faith. The need to hold on to something divine and usually beyond human comprehension which saves a lot of humans from a responsibility most don’t wish to accept; BLAME! Only faith offers that with no protest. Just put it on God and call it destiny.

From reaping the good things of life is traveling around and learning about other people and their culture. Travelers are knowers. If you’re a traveler, then here is a space for you.

And for the limitless possibilities this life throws at us, we would dress like it and for it. We would own it before it’s ours; wear it into existence; we would look like it then be it; we are fashion lovers.

Let our memories not be a waste, let our life have a tale; only our pictures keeps it safe. For when we are old and grey, we would have something to show and say. Photography is art that saves art.

The things that have mattered over the years, and tend to determine our life experiences only happen because we give it the chance to. This space therefore shares with you the beauty in diversity of life. The happiness that comes from within, if you allow it.

Here i share my life experiences as an average Nigerian Muslim and even tidbits of other peoples experiences that may be of good use to anyone…


Now that you’ve taken your time to inquire about me, how about we get to know each other as this journey continues? I heard you said YES!

Thank you!



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